Stop Rushing Your Kids

“Let’s Go”
“Hurry Up”
“Move On”
“Come On!”

~ Said by mom and dad 20,000 times a day ~

We really do rush our kids a lot. Understandably, when we are on a schedule we have to push the slow-pokes, but let’s think about how impatient we parents can be.

Recently, while at the zoo, I rushed Angelus from one animal exhibit to the next trying to cover as much ground as possible. My poor kid just wanted to watch the monkeys and butterflies a little more. What was I trying to accomplish? Why did we have to walk the whole zoo?  We didn’t. I was getting bored and subconsciously subscribed to the idea that not seeing as much as possible would be a waste. I mistakenly chose quantity over quality. I also began to notice other parents (#ParentJudgements) doing it too, out of habit, almost on auto pilot.

Since our zoo trip, I’ve tried to question myself before I rush Angelus to move his little butt. What’s the real goal? Are we on an important schedule (going to school) or a preconceived idea of what he should be doing (seeing nothing special of everything) instead of what he wants to do (spend an hour watching monkeys throw poop).

It’s a game changer folks, try it!

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